So I am getting started with this website today, September 18th, 2011 and I plan to post at least a few pics.  I am seeing what water will do to a 200 mg Advil Liquidgel Cap.  I had these gelcaps in my car for a few days and some melted together so let’s see what sitting in water over time will do to them.  I will try to post a pic after every hour.  It should be interesting.

Will be updating this particular article as much as possible.


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Doing a little bit of extra research on Wells Fargo Refinance Mortgage Rates today in hopes of finding some low interest rates.  This doesn’t have much to do with water but it does help me save money which could help me go fly fishing in water or build a new pool!


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Its raining like crazy here in SD so there is your water reference.  I am getting very excited about college football and the NFL this weekend.  It will be interesting to see just how many diehards are looking for the Steelers vs Ravens Radio Broadcast live online as both of these fan bases absolutely love their teams.  It seems that each and every year these teams are very good and it clearly shows with the number of fans that watch and listen to these games online.


I found this really good article with Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street and I must say that I think you should check it out.  Mr. Schiff makes some very good points but of course those at Occupy Wall Street cannot relate at all as they have never been successful.  It should be fun to see how the news outlets view this little YouTube video that is slowly going viral online.  Make sure to check it out if you have an extra 20 minutes.


Haven’t had much time to do any more water experiments but I have been researching Black Friday TV Sales 2011.  It looks like there is a great deal for a Samsung 51 inch Plasma 3D HD TV this year at MCX.  That is an amazing deal.  I may have to contact one of my marine friends to see if he can help me get a great deal.

There is no way that you can beat getting a 3D plasma TV for under $600.  I am going to keep researching but this looks to be the sale of the year so far in 2011.  My buddy better hook me up after Thanksgiving.


Just doing a little bit of research on Sears appliances Black Friday 2011.  When it comes to water, all appliances use some type of water.  If you plan on getting a new refrigerator, freezer, washer or dishwasher all of these items use some type of water.  With this in mind I may have to try some next experiments but we will have to see what happens.  I am going to continue updating and looking for more information but as of now I am going to hold off.

This Sunday of football has been quite bad so I am going to go see if I can hit some golf balls that DO NOT go in water.  The more I hit golf balls in the water the more I realize that I may need to simply try some more experiments and document them on this website.  That is much less stress and allows me to save a little bit more time and money.  I say that and I am certain that I will be out on the golf course many days this week.  I definitely need to take Monday off though.  The Club will be close anyway so no reason to play on a public course.


Going to take a little of time away from the experiments to enjoy some college football on Saturday and pro football on Sunday.  Although my Chargers are not playing this week I will still try to catch some of the NFL games.  Tonight we have some huge Pac 12 games that could determine the BCS and national championship.  If you can to keep up with my day make sure to check out this live college football blogging about LSU, Alabama and Gus Johnson.

I will probably watch games well past midnight but I will not have the computer with me the whole time.  Alright, its time to go grab some food and get ready for the rest of the night.  It is so nice to have no stress and just enjoy this great weather in the fall.  I can remember my younger years watching Notre Dame but unfortunately they have not been good since the Dr. Lou years.  Maybe they will turn it around sometime soon because I know my alma mater NC State is not going to do so with Tom O’Brien as the head coach.  If we have only interviewed Paul Johnson.  Oh well, we can wish in one hand and you know what in the other and see which one fills up first.  I will be back to update sometime later.

Last week a lady friend was in town so it was time to get rid of this particular project.  The marshmallows and the McDonald’s French Fry actually made the water look quite ridiculous.  I am almost certain that there was some mold starting to grow in the water.  I am thinking about what I am going to do next but right now I am doing a little bit of research on possible WalMart Black Friday Sales 2011.  We can all save some extra money right?  I am thinking about stopping by WalMart tonight to pick up some things that I can possible put in the water.


The McDonald’s french fry is now sitting on the bottom of the Tupperware container but little has happened.  The water continues to look very bad but I have yet to see a ton of action.  It does look like there is a little bit of mold floating around in the water but I cannot really tell.  It looks like little black dots right now.

I wonder what will start growing in this water in the near future.  It will likely be quite crazy over the next few days as this french fry will have been in water for two weeks this Sunday.  Should be very fun to see what happens.


All of you will be interested to know that the water is now starting to see some types of mold but the marshmallow is still floating.  It is very hard to believe that it has been almost a full week and the marshmallow continues to float.  I would have guessed that it would have sunk by now but that is simply not the case.

This experiment is lasting a little bit longer than I expected but I will continue to hold out and see what happens.  Eventually it is the going to be the case that these mallows are going to drop to the bottom of the container.  I will keep you updated.

Much to my surprise the marshmallows are still floating.  I would have guessed that they would sink within a few hours, not a few days.  The french fry really didnt take all that long to sink so the marshmallows still floating is a very big surprise to me.  It should be interesting to see what happens when they eventually hit bottom.

Luckily, I doubt there will be any types of odor issues with the marshmallows but who really knows.  Over the next 48 hours I would guess that they will sink to the bottom but I have been wrong before and I am certain that I will be wrong again.

So the water is just getting worse and worse.  It may be the case that it turns into lard.  I will be interested to see what happens over the next few days as it could start to bring quite the odor to my downstairs bathroom.  Rather than allowing this to happen it might be smart for me to simply pour it out.

Rather than stopping the assignment we may have to move the location.  I really want to see what happens when the McDonald’s french fry sits in water for well over a few weeks.  It should be very fun.


This is very surprising to me as I would have fully expected to see the marshmallow sink shortly after I put it in the water.  This is not the case as the mallows continue to float after several days.  Once some water gets through the outside of these things it will be very interesting to see what happens when they hit the bottom of the container.

This experiment is lasting much longer than I would have ever expected.  I thought that the mallows would drop to the bottom quickly and just disappear as the water would just take the sugar out of the object.  This has not been the case quite yet.

So now it has almost been one full week that the McDonald’s french fry has been in water.  The water is starting to turn brown and it will come as no surprise to see some interesting things starting to grow in this water.  I will continue to let the water do its thing until I end up flushing it down the toilet.

Over the next week I will keep you posted on some of the goings on with this particular experiment.  I am also interested to see what happens with the marshmallows that are still floating in the water after several days.


So I am doing a little bit more research on hosting and BlueHost has told me that they do not offer a VPS or a dedicated server yet Dreamhost does.  The only issue I have with Dreamhost is that they only offer live chat and you have to pay to receive a telephone call when it comes to getting help.  This could be a huge issue down the road.

I am going to leave my Dreamhost in place and see if there are any issues over the next month.  If things start to run smoothly then I guess I will allow them to remain my host throughout 2011 but I am always looking for new options.

So the long the Mickey D’s fry is in the water the more yellow it gets.  It will be fun to see how long it takes before this water gets nasty.  I would imagine that over the next few days we will see some interesting stuff go on in this water.  This has been one of the experiments I have enjoyed the most.

McDonald’s is definitely one of the greasiest places to eat but I am going to have to try some other places like Wendy’s and Burger King as well.  This time I don’t think I will actually eat a meal from there though.

After a few hours in the water the marshmallows are still floating.  This is quite surprising to me as I would have expected them to drop to the bottom but this is simply not the case.  I seriously doubt they will float nearly as long as the McDonald’s French Fry but I guess anything can happen when water comes into play.

When the marshmallows sink to the bottom I will be quite interested to see how long it takes them to shrink up quickly.  I would imagine it will not take long at all but that is why we do this experiment.  We will find out!

I just threw three small marshmallows in water at 1:35 pm on Friday, September 23rd, 2011.  I would imagine that these marshmallows will quickly sink but we will see.  After they sink it will be quite interesting to see what happens as I am assuming that the sugar will simply melt over time.  Although this is what I think who knows what will truly happen.

I am still open to some new ideas as to items to put in water.  The McDonald’s French Fry will likely be in water for quite some time but there are many other options available with my nice Tupperware containers.  Keep the ideas flowing guys…

So the Mickey D’s french fry in water has now become completely disgusting.  The water looks like grease and is starting to turn brown.  I will be quite interested to see what happens as this french fry continues to sit in water.  This Sunday around 3:35 pm it will be one full week that the ff has been in water.

This has been quite an interesting experiment and it should only get more interesting from here.  The fry will likely start to grow some interesting things on it over the next few days and weeks and that should be quite fun to watch.


So I cannot go two full days without seeing DreamHost go down for at least a few minutes.  I have a VPS and one would think that this would help my website from going down but this is simply not the case.  Maybe one day Dreamhost will fix their problem but it does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

I am very close to transferring my sites to BlueHost or Host Gator as I have heard much better things about those two companies.  Let me know what you guys think as I am sure many of you have had the same issues with Dreamhost.



After a few days the entire coating of the Advil Liqui Gel has disappeared.  I was a little bit surprised at how long it took for the gel coating to disappear but it didn’t take as long as it took a McDonald’s french fry to actually sink.  I am going to go through some cabinets to see if I have any other medicine I can try out.

I am still looking for some other suggestions when it comes to putting stuff in water so let me know.  It is easiest to simply do it in a Tupperware container so make the suggestions something small.

So I just checked in on the McDonalds French Fry and it has sunk to the bottom of the Tupperware Container.  I put the french fry in water on Sunday around 3:35 pm and it is now just after noon on Wednesday.  This is actually a little bit earlier than I would have expected for this French Fry to sink.

Now it is time to see what happens with the entire fry under water.  It will be interesting to see what starts to grow on this fry over the next few days and weeks.  I will continue to report back over the next few days.

After two and a half days in water the entire liqui gel medicine has leaked out but the coating is holding on.  It will be quite interesting to see what happens from here on out as I am sure it will slowly disappear in the water.  It only took a few days but the coating finally gave in.

I am open to new suggestions for other ideas.  I think I am going to pour the water out in the morning and start with the marshmallow and see what happens.  That could definitely be a multi day process but who knows with these food items.


Three full days in the water for the Mickey Ds french fry will be around 3:35 pm tomorrow.  It is hard to believe but the fry is still showing no signs of dropping to the bottom.  Interestingly, the water continues to show more and more signs of grease that is coming off of the fry.

I have no clue how long it will take for the fry to sink to the bottom but it has been interesting so far.  If McDonalds coats there fries in this much grease it cannot be good for the human body.  With that being said, the company still makes a ton of money.

It has now been two days since I put the McDonalds french fry in water and it continues to float.  The water has definitely taken a ton of grease off the fry but it has yet to become water logged.  I will be quite interested to see just how long it takes for this fry to sink to the bottom of the Tupperware container.

I am going to have to get some french fries from other fast food restaurants to see if they do something similar.  I would imagine that McDonald’s fries have the most grease but we will just have to test that out.

So it has now been two days since I put the Advil Liqui Gel in water and it has almost all disappeared.  There is still a very small part of the liqui gel coating left in the water but that will likely be gone in the next few hours.  What I have learned from this is that the body can do amazing things to a gel coating.

I don’t have much medicine in my house but I will try to find some other types of items that will be as interesting as the Advil Liqui Gel has been over the last several days.  Stay tuned for much more…

Well, it looks as if the gel in the liqui gel has oozed out but the coating remains in the water.  There is no green tent left as it simply looks like an outer shell left in the water.  I am going to continue to leave it in the water to see what happens over time.  I would think the shell will eventually disappear into the water as well.

It is now 8:40 on Tuesday morning and I put the liqui gel in the water at 2:05 pm on Sunday afternoon.  This medicine experiment has been very interesting as I am sure all my readers have figured out!  Thanks for reading!

So I am still checking in on the old McDonald french fry and it is STILL floating.  The water is definitely filling up with grease but the fry in hanging on for dear life.  I cannot imagine what these things do to the insides of humans.  I am not a health guru but I do like to save my body of falling apart by the time I turn 30.

I would imagine that the fry will start to get water logged very soon.  I may try french fries from other places to see if they are covered in as much unhealthy grease.  Headed off to the course again but I will keep all of you posted.


So I have decided that after the Advil Liqui Gel breaks and I have time to work on a new experiment I am going to throw in a few small marshmallows.  This should be very interesting as they will definitely soak up the water quite quickly.  While I am watching the game tonight I may start this project but there is a good chance that I will be lazy as well.

I know that I have some fans that are excited about the Little Debbie brownie but this is just going to have to wait until the McDonald’s french fry sinks and starts growing some type of fungus.  I am glad that I have a crazy enough mind to come up with these fun activities!

I am now starting to see signs of the Advil Liqui Gel breaking down.  It is amazing that the coating held together for over 24 hours.  The coating is still barely hanging in there but it is obvious that the medicine is starting to leak out.  This has been a very interesting experiment and makes me wonder about some other types of medicine.

Maybe in the future I will throw some other types of capsules in water and see what happens.  I would imagine the coating on the liqui gel holds together much more than some of the other medicine that we know and love.

So I am now eating at Panera wondering if the McDonald’s French Fry will ever sink in the water.  The food that I eat at Panera is so much lighter and easier on the stomach than McDonald’s and this experiment is helping me to figure out why.  I am also staring at a big ass brownie thinking about my newest Little Debbie experiment.

My golfing idiot friend is making fun of this website but I will get the last laugh at the end of November when I am playing Monopoly.  Ironically, his last name is pre

So I will be going to play golf with one of my idiot friends and I will not be able to monitor the french fry. With that being said, I seriously doubt anything major will happen. I would suspect that we still have many hours ahead of us before we see this bad boy sink.

It is possible that the Advil Liqui Gel will pop in the time that I am away as it looks to be breaking down. The gel tab is now about three times the size it was when I first put it in the water. It is truly amazing what water will do to certain things.

So I am jumping over here to write a few things while Dreamhost works on some problems of my other websites.  For those of you considering a host I would definitely select Bluehost over Dreamhost.  Over the last few weeks Dreamhost has been down several times a day.  Although it is for very short periods of time it is still downtime.

It can be a huge pain in the ass when you want to write a few articles and the whole time you are talking to a live chat help line.  With the amount of articles I write a day I do not have time to mess around with this silly stuff.  Looks like I need to use BlueHost more.

So, no surprise here, the McDonald’s French Fry is still floating the morning after I put it in water.  I put it in the water around 3:35 pm on Sunday and I would imagine it will float for a few days before finally giving in to the water.  Just imagine what all these grease is doing to your insides when you eat an entire carton of these things.

It is very hard for me to make any predictions on the McDonald’s French Fry as I believe almost anything could happen.  I would try like to see some interesting stuff happen to it when it sinks but we will just have to wait and see..

I am very surprised to see the Advil Liqui Gel hanging intact even through the night.  I put the Ligui Gel in the water at 2:05 pm yesterday and the coating has still yet to give way to the medicine.  I will be checking in periodically but this truly shows how strong that coating is.

I mentioned earlier that I had left the bottle of liqui gels in my very hot car for awhile and the coating melted together on some of the gel tabs but none of them truly melted.  The technology they put into the coating of an Advil tablet these days!

It should come as no surprise to most that the Mickey Ds French Fry is still floating as the grease is slowly coming off the fry.  This should help many to realize just how bad French Fries are for you.  This is just one French Fry so just imagine what a whole carton of fries will do.

I will be interested to see what this French Fry looks like when I wake up tomorrow.  I will probably sleep in until about 9:00 am or so.  There is a chance that the fry could sink over night but it is showing no signs of this at the present time.  Only time will tell…

Now at 10:20 pm the Advil Liqui Gel has gotten so big it looks like an egg.  It is funny to see how big this thing has gotten over the course of time.  I honestly thought that it would start to lose some of the medicine through the coating by now but that is simply not the case.

It makes me realize just how much acidity there is in a human stomach.  It takes at least eight hours for simple water to break down a liqui gel and it takes the human body a few minutes, if that!  I am sure that by the time I wake up in the morning this thing will be leaking some of the medicine but who knows!

So taking a picture and uploading it throughout all the events of the things in water can be a little bit much.  I am a busy man!  With that in mind I am simply going to blog about what happens and I will update a picture at the beginning and end.  Throughout the experiment I will update some blog posts to let you know what the item looks like and what I think will happen.  Hopefully this will make things a big easier.

At this point the Advil Liqui Gel has gotten huge but still has not leaked any medicine.  It is now 9:48 pm and I put the Advil in around 2:05 pm.  I would guess that it will leak in the second half of the Falcons vs Eagles game.  The McDonalds french fry is still floating which is no surprise.

When looking at some of the things I have sitting around it looks like I will try a few mini marshmallows, some pretzel things and maybe a Little Debbie brownie.  I think all of these food items will be very interesting.  I cannot even imagine what will happen while they are sitting in water over time.

I may also try a dollar bill and one of those Clorox cleaning wipes.  These are just a few of the many experiments I will do over the next few days and weeks to come.  My goal is to produce at least 40 updates a day on here to document the happenings with water.