In the coming months millions will start their search for a 2011 IRS Tax Booklet.  All Americans should be aware of the fact that the tax booklet will not be mailed this year as all the tax forms that are needed are available for free on the website.  This will save the government both time and money to allow taxpayers to simply access this site.

On December 25th tons of people will be looking for Kohls Christmas Day Online Sales in hopes of saving money while also being able to spend that gift card.  It has become a tradition over the last few years that many are willing to shop online on Christmas day rather than wait for the after Christmas sales on December 26th.

One of the best ways to save money is to take advantage of Bass Pro Shops After Christmas Sales 2011.  There are some great deals on camo, furniture, fishing poles and guns during this sale.  If you have a few extra dollars or some gift cards it might be a good idea to check out these deals.

After a few weeks off I am now starting to look for Best Buy Christmas sales 2011.  There are plenty of places to save money but it seems that Best Buy is one of the best places to get new technology and I am looking for a new cell phone and tablet device.  I will be interested to see what deals are available in the coming weeks.

As we get through the Christmas holiday and start thinking about Spring vacations it will likely be true that many are thinking about Nantahala River Outfitters hoping to find a great deal.  There are plenty of opportunities but remember that Brookside Campground is a good choice as they offer affordable rates to go along with great customer service.

There is a huge college football game today that some people will not be able to watch.  I fully expect many diehard Tide fans to look for the Alabama vs Georgia Southern Radio Broadcast online as this game will not be on television.  This could be a hard pill to swallow for some diehard fans but it is simply the way it is sometimes.  It should be interesting to see the score of this game as it scrolls along the bottom throughout the other games.

It is hard to believe that we are already half way through with November but this means that Christmas shopping has truly begun.  Some of my friends have been looking for the Macys Credit card but I continue to warn them that this might not be the best idea as some of these credit cards can have very high interest rates.

I always do plenty of research before getting a credit card.  This has helped me stay out of debt for quite some time and I hope other people use this tactic too.  Simply paying off the card each and every month can greatly help when it comes to saving cash.

For those looking for some great Black Friday laptop sales in 2011 it would be smart to check out the Black Friday Baron website.  His website offers some great information comparing all the laptop sales that will be available in 2011.  It should be interesting to see just how much a MacBook Air is during the major Black Friday sales event that will catch everyones attention.

Over the next few days many will start to look for the Texas NASCAR Race Radio Broadcast live online as they hope to listen to every second of this race.  The MRN radio broadcast will be something that many fans look for as they may not want to listen to the ESPN broadcast.  With diehard fans used to specific voices calling the race it should be true that MRN gets plenty of traffic this Sunday, November 6th.

There is a really good article about the Front 9 at Hasentree Golf Club for those who are interested in some funny golf stories.  If you have ever played golf you can relate to this individual who is trying his best to simply get a little bit better.  I will keep tracking his stories to see if he ever figures out the ole game.

When doing a little bit of extra research on Best Buy Black Friday Sales in 2011 I noticed plenty of laptops, HD TVs and cell phones that were marked down last year.  I would imagine the same will be true in 2011 so I am going to wait out and see what I can get out of my Apple iPhone 3GS.  I would imagine I can get about $50 which could go towards a brand new Android phone if that is what I get.

It is hard for me to think that we are so close to November.  It seems like just a few months ago it was extremely hot out and I was playing golf.  Now it is the case that it is too cold to play golf and I am having to go south to find some decent courses to play.  It should be an interesting winter for sure!

One of the most popular locations to shop after Thanksgiving is in the Northeast.  Many people in New York love to shop but millions will also search for Philadelphia PA Black Friday Sales in 2011.  Like most major cities, there are plenty of big box retailers such as WalMart, Target and Sears that will have some great deals.

If you live in Philly it might be a good idea to also check out some of the best online sales and deals.  By doing some research on eBay, Craigslist, and you may be able to find some great deals with very low prices shipping.  There is no reason to pass up an opportunity to lock in some of the best sales of the year over the next month.

So we just have a few days left in October and then we hit one of the best months of the year – November.  I enjoy November because of a great Thanksgiving dinner and all the amazing sales and deals.  In fact, I am working hard on find the best Black Friday Electronics Sales in 2011 in hopes of snagging a few deals on a cell phone or a new laptop computer.

It is interesting to see all the websites that offer Black Friday information.  I think the Black Friday Baron website offers some great stuff for those who may be interested.  Remember that all of the sales ads have yet to leak but they will likely be out in the very near future.  I am going to keep checking back in on his websites to see what deals are out there.

Where do you shop for your Black Friday stuff?  Do you wait until Cyber Monday?  I am not sure how I am going to brave the conditions this year but I am sure I will give it a try.  There is no reason to pass up an opportunity to save money on Christmas gifts!