So I was doing a little bit of research and I noticed that there are going to be some smoking hot deals during Presidents Day in 2012.  Some of the Outlet Mall websites are already advertising that sales and deals will start on Friday and go all the way through Monday.  This is great news for me as I have been looking to save some money.

I was thinking about going to JCPenney and maybe Macys but I will have to see.  I also saw that some of the more popular outlet malls are having huge deals.  Maybe I will go to the shopping mall on Saturday and the outlet mall on Sunday.  I have been saving up for a few weeks so I have a little bit of extra cash to spend.

I would love to get a new handbag but I am not sure I can afford one of the more expensive ones.  Over the next few days I am going to research very hard to see what is the best deal for a quality handbag.  I would love a Coach but that seems to be a little bit out of my price range.  Here are some good articles I found:

JCPenney Presidents Day Sales 2012

Sears Presidents Day Sales 2012

Macys Presidents Day Sales 2012

Outlet Malls in South Florida with some deals (I hope to find some more of these for all the states, we will see):

Florida Keys Outlet Center Mall Presidents Day Sales 2012

Naples Florida Outlet Center Mall Presidents Day Sales 2012